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All Saints Church Welcomes You!

Welcome to All Saints Church located on the beautiful Jersey Shore. 

Early Spring at the Shore has its own special charm. Yes, there can be some chilly days and even some snow; however, as the old saying goes “A day at the beach…”, well, you get it. There’s always something marvelous about that spot in New Jersey where the ocean meets the land. Bay Head is clearly a year-round place to be.

At All Saints Episcopal Church, we are moving on to the forty-day season of Lent. Over the course of this important time in the lives of those who follow Jesus as their Savior, we’ll explore the importance of Jesus being baptized by his cousin John, as well as the many experiences over the weeks that follow, including the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, Nicodemus’ visit with Jesus, the Samaritan woman’s experience with Jesus, Jesus’ healing of the blind man in the Temple on the Sabbath, and the raising of Lazarus from the dead.

During the Lenten season, we will be comparing and contrasting the four Gospel descriptions of the Passion with The Reverend Joanne Izzo. This program will begin Wednesday, March 4, at 7:30 pm. Each session will conclude with the brief service of Compline at 9:00 pm.

Our hope is that the Lenten experience at All Saints will help us to enrich our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus at the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 11, beginning at 7:30 pm and on Easter Day—Sunday, April 12. While both of our Easter Day services will include wonderful music with our highly accomplished choir like previous years, the times are slightly different: 8:30 am & 10:30 am. And, of course, we will have additional instrumentation to further enhance the joy of Easter.

Throughout the year, our regular services on Sunday morning include the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 8:00 am & 10:15 am. These services are regular, standard fare in the Episcopal Church: Rite One at eight without music and Rite Two with music at ten fifteen.

We invite each and every one visiting this site located in cyberspace to stop by in person. The entire Jersey Shore is clearly a spectacular destination any time of year and you’ll find plenty to do and see while here. We hope one of those experiences will be to stop by All Saints Church for some spiritual renewal and reflection.

There is no ‘dress code’ at All Saints. People find the comfort that suites them best from casual and informal to more dressy. So, drop by.

Even in the colder weather, a warm welcome awaits you.

Hoping to see you soon!

The Reverend Robert A. Nagy, Rector

Click to watch our Sunday, March 29th service at 11 am.

All are Welcome!

Schedule of Services (these services currently on hiatus till futhur notice)

Sunday (year round)
8:00 am Holy Eucharist: Rite One
Sunday (year round)
10:15 am Holy Eucharist: Rite Two
Sunday beginning September 15, 2019
10:15 am Church School


The Rev. Robert A. Nagy
Parish Administrator: 
Christine McLeod
9 am — 1 pm

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Stewardship Update
as of Wednesday, November 27
We’re off to a great start! As of this past Friday, the church has received 86 completed pledge cards for a total of $156,800 for 2020. If you have already turned in your completed pledge card, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” If you have yet to do so, please turn in yours as soon as possible. BE A “PLEDGING MEMBER” OF ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Also, check out the new posters about Stewardship. One is in the Narthex and one is in Bristol Hall.
Outreach Support
We invite you to join Outreach to support MA22, a 501(c) 3 Jersey shore veterans support organization with an emphasis on helping veterans and their families prevent the devastation of military suicides. The "22" in their title refers to the 22 veteran suicides per day. Please use the 4th Outreach envelope in your current pledge packet and mark any check with MA22 in the memo line.
Military Outreach
Once again the Outreach committee is asking for donations of new items for military personnel serving overseas. Check the flyer around town for a complete list, but please consider new socks for men and women, suntan cream, lip balm, bug repellent, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving supplies for men and women, hard candy, gum, pretzels, granola bars, and a holiday greeting card. There will be a box in Bristol Hall for your donations
Altar Flowers
With the services being on hiatus, the Altar Flowers are also on hiatus. When the services return, please consider donating flowers for the altar in honor or memory of loved ones. Hopefully many weeks for the remainer of this year may still available. The sign up book is in the Narthex. The cost for Altar flowers is $55 and Font flowers is $65.
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