This Sunday, January 9, we will celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany with Plan B. Instead of the Open House at the Rectory, which must be postponed due to the surge in COVID cases, we will join in an instructional liturgy featuring the arrival of the Magi.

In addition to hearing special solos in "We Three Kings," representing Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, we will learn about "chalking the doors" and blessing our homes. And I have prepared a "Take-Home Epiphany Blessing Kit" for each household so you can chalk your doors when you get home.

For those interested, I would welcome the opportunity to come to your home during the Epiphany season (which ends on Ash Wednesday) and offer the House Blessing and Chalking of the Door. I will stand outside while you gather in your doorway. Together we will offer the blessing, chalk the door, and hang a small star--all of which takes about 5 minutes. If you'd like me to come by your home for a blessing and door chalking, please RSVP to the Church Office by email or phone, and I'll put you on my list! 

(At right is shown the chalking of the door to Barbara Tuzio's home.)