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ENS features All Saints


This week an Episcopal News Service article written by the Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg features the Rev. Kathryn King and vestry member John Copman and the work they did in crafting the "God to Go" resource box located at the end of the footbridge by the Howe Street entrance to All Saints.

You can see the story here: On a busy footbridge, Jersey Shore parish offers ‘God on the Go’ faith formation resources – Episcopal News Service


Photo: M.F. Schjonberg for ENS.

Adult Study: Advent to Epiphany


Adult Study resumes and is based on Adam Hamilton's Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas.

In this series we will learn the meaning behind the names of Christ and how they reflect the place of Christ in our lives. Each hour-long segment will include a brief video and discussion. Books are available to all. A $15 donation to offset the cost would be appreciated.

Classes will meet at 10:30 a.m. in Bristol Hall on the following dates:

Nov. 30 - Session 1: What's in a name?
Dec. 7 - Session 2: The royal titles: Messiah or Christ, and what it means to call Jesus our King
Dec. 14 - Session 3: Savior
Dec. 21 - Class break: Join for breakfast at the rectory following 8:30 Eucharist
Jan. 11 - Session 4: Emmanuel (God with us)
Jan. 18 - Session 5: The Word (as found in the Prologue to the Gospel of John
Jan. 25 - Session 6: Jesus as Lord (as understood by the earliest Christians)

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